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OBI is involved in many different projects and initiatives.

project implement

In most countries around the world, sexual education is always taught at a certain age. According to the world health organization, 85 percent of 155 countries surveyed have policies or laws relating to sex education, with considerably more countries reporting policies to mandate delivery at the secondary education level than at the primary level (WHO). If pornography education can become implemented into a sex-ed curriculum, this sets up future generations to be educated and made aware of the harmful effects of pornography.

The S.O.A.R help phone

S.O.A.R  (Support for Overcoming Addiction to Pornography) help phone will be a toll-free international number for anyone around the world to call if they need assistance with overcoming their problems surrounding pornography. Studies show that one of the best ways of overcoming pornography is having people to talk to, and our helpline will strive to create that environment for anyone around the world.

youth engagement events & workshops

Teens will teen, and kids will kid. At the end of the day, learning something is much more enjoyable by having fun while at it, therefore OBI will host fun events and workshops around the world to promote our message, get the youth informed and engaged, and most importantly, building great memories and having FUN!

the million plan

Social media will be a great asset to OBI moving forward, as it is a platform where we can spread our message to many around the world. Our goal for 2023 is to reach more than a million people through our posts, and try to engage as many people as possible. Whether we have followers or likes, if we are getting our message to people- that is truly a win.