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About Us

Empowering Youth, Eliminating Harm

Welcome to our mission: safeguarding young minds from the impact of pornography. We’re dedicated to raising awareness, providing education, and empowering individuals. Join us in creating a world where youth thrive without the devastating effects of pornography. Explore resources and contribute to a safer digital environment. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for our youth.

What are our goals?

Making a difference.

Spread awareness

This means informing society about pornography's harms, through social media, webinars, media coverage, and much more.

Make our helpline mainstream

OBI's one of a kind "PathPhone" is a hotline for any individuals struggling with pornography to call and receive support and guidance.

Youth Engagement

OBI focuses more on youth and protecting them from pornography, so hosting events and workshops to inform the youth of today while having fun, is the ultimate goal.

Policy Changes

OBI will strive to change policy around the accessibility of pornography-- to prevent minors from reaching the destructive content.

Re-imagining Sex-Ed

Sex-ed is already an established curriculum around the globe, and it would be further improved if porn awareness was taught from a young age.

Publishing Research

Unfortunately, there is not much research done on the harmful effects of porn compared to drugs, stimuli, and alcohol. Our goal is to change that perception by producing research on this overlooked issue.