Welcome to PathPhone: Your Safe Haven for Support



Welcome to PathPhone, where we believe in creating a judgment-free and confidential space to support individuals struggling with harmful pornography use. Our goal is to offer guidance with guaranteed privacy and without shame through a dedicated helpline.

We are here to help!

Bringing PathPhone to Life

Proactive Addressing of Barriers

At PathPhone, we are committed to making a difference. We are undertaking various activities to bring our vision to life. First and foremost, we are establishing a toll-free number that is easy to access and remember. Additionally, we are building a network of professionals and trained volunteers who can provide counseling remotely, ensuring accessibility for everyone. Our strict privacy policies are designed to protect caller confidentiality.

Recognizing potential barriers, we are taking a proactive approach. The sensitive nature of the topic may deter some individuals from seeking help due to shame or judgment. To overcome this, we emphasize anonymity and work towards normalizing discussions about the impacts of pornography. Funding is another challenge, and we are actively applying for grants and engaging with donors who share our vision for supporting youth mental health.

Remember! Text "QUIT" to (866)-952-7848 for HELP!