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Older Brother

We work towards a world where individuals have the tools and resources to make informed decisions about their exposure to explicit content.

Our nonprofit embraces the role of the trusted "Older Brother" figure, dedicated to spreading awareness on the harms of pornography and fostering a safer digital environment through education and support.

Driven by our passion and commitment, we strive to empower people with knowledge, resilience, and critical thinking skills to counter the damaging effects of pornography, ensuring their emotional well-being and nurturing healthy relationships.

What motivates our actions and drives our choices?

0 %
Of teenagers

who consumed porn did so in part to learn about sex.

1 %
of people ages 13–24

Actively Seek Out Pornography Weekly or More Often.

years old

is the average age which youth first watch pornography.

1 %
of porn videos

contains sexual violence and derogatory language, especially towards women.